We want to thank all of the individuals who helped enormously in bringing THREAD & STONE to life. Without all of your hard work & patient efforts, Nicole & I would still be sitting in our make-believe office of a bedroom, staring at our blank website filled computer screens in bewilderment of how in the world we’d ever pull this off.

Thank you to,

Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, for planting & nurturing these desires in our hearts.  Michael Long for your extensive hours on Skype, sharing screens & shedding light through the deep forests of html codes. Andrew Strelecki for branding our vision via video so well. Jenavieve Belair for photographing our pieces & capturing the lively spirit of our brand. Brook Power for being a gawges human & friend, portraying our vision with your natural movement & adorable personality. To our families back home, for always trusting and encouraging our entrepreneurial spirits, even though we’re an ocean apart. To our boyfriends, Mikey & Kyle for listening to our endless inspired rants & being there to hug at the end of the day.